Service Award

Ceremony Support Team Service Award Criteria

MUST be a registered member of the Support Team which can be done one of to means:
     1. See the Ceremony Support Team Chairman at any lodge ordeal or fellowship event.
     2. Sign up online (Use the "Become a Member" Link on the left).

To earn the patch you need a total of 13 points and awarded of the five yearly events.

     Breakdown for points:
            Ordeals (3):                  Friday Setup and pre-ordeal ceremony             - 1 point
                                               Saturday Setup                                               - 1 point
                                               Saturday Order Ceremonies                             - 1 point
                                               Saturday Brotherhood Ceremonies and cleanup - 1 point

            Fellowships(2):               Saturday setup                                  - 1 point
          *Summer Camp: 
             Ceremony Setup                               - 1 point

* (These are the activities the support team would normally do. You must sign up to be a team member prior to the event for points to be valid. The points given to individuals for each event must be overseen by Camp Chief who will then submit a final list to Ceremony Support Team Chairman. A maximum of 5 points will be awarded each Summer.)

Points will also be awarded for any extra team events, activities, and any other off-site work or material acquisition.

After earning the first 13 points you will have the opportunity to buy two (2) patches (first time only), and then you will have to earn another 13 points to buy another.

Once an individual signs up for the team they may purchase a vest to wear at each event.  Only after they have earned the 13 points can they purchase a patch ($20.00) to be sewn onto the back of the vest.  If an individual earns the patch in a calendar year, then they can have it presented at the annual banquet.  Otherwise if the patch is earned in the middle of the year then it will be presented at the next available event and recognition will be given at the annual banquet.

The patch is intended for team members who volunteer their time in support of the lodge's yearly events (Spring and Fall Fellowships, and the three Ordeals).  We are trying to encourage individuals to come out to our lodge events and help.  It is another way to help maintain a permanent support team.

Patch Cost $20.00
Vest Cost $19.00 at Bass Pro SHop (White River 20 pocket vest, olive green)

Service Award Patch History:

September 2006

- Second issue of patch
- Small design change - removed the "459" from the patch
- 50 were ordered

September 2004

- First issue of patch
- 50 were ordered (ALL HAVE BEEN ISSUED)