The Ceremony Support Team is a highly skilled and specialized group who are in charge of the ceremonial grounds and props. They set up all pyrotechnics and props, prepare the grounds and trails, and act as fire builders, fire tenders, and stage hands, as necessary.

Fire Rats get a "Thank You" from the Ceremony Team!
(June 2009)

Dear Ceremony Support Team "Fire Rats",

Thank you for a job well done with the ceremonies at Beaver Days.  You guys always do a great job and tons of hard work but this weekend was e s pecially challenging.  Having an unfinished ceremony ring and potential inclement weather no doubt added significantly more work to your weekend.

The cooperation, coordination, and communication over the weekend were outstanding.  your planning, flexibility, and creativity were exceptional.  The improvised Brotherhood ceremony ring was beautiful.  You greatly exceeded all expectations.

We as the ceremony team are very lucky to have the support of a tremendously dedicated group of brothers such as you.  We could not do what we do without you.  Our Lodge is very fortunate to have the Fire Rats setting the stage for world class ceremonies.

With much gratitude, We are Yours in the Brotherhood,

Catawba Lodge Ceremony Team   (Signed by all Ceremony Team Members)
How do you recognize a Ceremony Support Team Member?

Look for those who wear the olive green vest.   You may have to go deep in the woods to find them but they are there, preparing the grounds for those who follow.  If you find one wearing a vest that has the Machkachten Amangachpoques (Fire Rat) patch on the back of their vest then they have earned the Ceremony Support Team Service Award.  To become a member and to find out how you can earn the Service Award, click on the links on the left.